Letter from the Bodleian Library, Oxford

10 July 1984

From the Keeper of Oriental Books
A.D.S. Roberts, MA, MLitt

Dear Mr Falter

The project to produce a facsimile of the Kennicott Bible is now so far advanced that I feel it proper to express our pleasure at having been associated with Facsimile Editions in this.

I do so, secure in the knowledge that your company has spared no effort or expenditure in its search for ways in which to make this facsimile perhaps the most faithful and exact copy ever to be produced.

We know of no way in which it could have done more to seek out all that is finest in contemporary craftsmanship in order to reproduce as nearly exactly as possible the colours of the miniatures in the original manuscript and the quality and texture of all the materials used therein.

Surely, the accompanying introduction by Professor B Narkiss will prove to be the most detailed iconographical study available of any Hebrew manuscript.

It is with deep satisfaction that we now contemplate the possibility of bringing this priceless manuscript, albeit in the form of a facsimile, to the attention of a wider public, to few members of whom a view of the original could have been vouchsafed.

Yours sincerely

A D S Roberts