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Facsimile Editions is uniquely positioned to offer you a wide variety of skills and services. We understand deadlines and can provide a timely, highly personalised service of unparalleled quality that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

If you have a challenging project to discuss we would be delighted to hear from you. We doubt that there is a project too complex for us to tackle and we are happy to travel worldwide to meet you and examine it with you.

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In accurately reproducing some of the world’s greatest manuscript treasures, we have acquired an enviable reputation for fine work. In the process we have accumulated a wealth of highly specialised expertise.

A great part of that expertise is the team of specialists that we have built in the fields of photography, colour separation, printing, papermaking, parchment and vellum making, gilding, laser cutting, leather tanning, marquetry, bookbinding, silver making, acrylic fabrication and packaging. Most of these specialists have worked with us continuously since the founding of Facsimile Editions in 1980 and intuitively understand our requirements, so much so that we no longer need to explain what we need – they produce the quality we require as standard.

Among our team are photographers, pre-press and printing specialists that have embraced the new digital technologies and, by delivering the highest quality results, have remained at the forefront of their industries; a position unchanged from the days when they worked by hand with analogue systems. In fact, their prowess with analogue techniques has today enabled them to achieve the highest quality results by blending the best of their manual skills with the finest of today’s automated digital technologies.

Fortunately, some other partners have remained firmly rooted in the past continuing, energetically, to practise the dying trades of parchment making, hand-binding, gilding and silversmithing, thereby ensuring the continued existence of these crafts.

By commissioning fresh research with the publication of each manuscript facsimile we have built a team of world class scholars to write and edit the accompanying volumes.

Through their acquisition of our books, we have built a strong network of contacts with most major national collecting libraries throughout the world. This places us in an unrivalled position of being able to source the finest manuscripts of their type in any field.


In addition to publishing our own facsimiles, we have undertaken many commissions for both public and private bodies some examples of which are:

  • The complete management and publication of the Fundaçion Amigos de Sefarad’s multi-million dollar Alba Bible facsimile edition project.
  • The research, design and production for the London publishers Weidenfeld and Nicholson of A Medieval Miscellany, involving the sourcing of some 300 medieval manuscript images from libraries around the world and thereafter designing, printing and binding 36,000 hard-back copies. Dutch and American editions were also printed.
  • Advising the US Library of Congress on remedying the production difficulties they encountered during their production of the facsimile edition of the Washington Haggadah.
  • Reproducing single copies of priceless documents for private collectors.
  • Producing complete ranges of wedding stationery (invitations, menus, ‘thank you’ notes etc.)
  • Reproducing, reprinting and fine-binding albums of lifetime press cuttings for prominent public figures.