Collector's Comments

“We know of no way in which [Facsimile Editions] could have done more to seek out all that is finest in contemporary craftsmanship in order to reproduce as nearly exactly as possible the colours of the miniatures in the original manuscript and the quality and texture of all the materials used therein.”
 - Bodleian Library, Oxford

“I write to let you know how honoured we are to acquire such a magnificent work, which must indeed rank with the finest facsimiles in publishing history.”
 - Trinity College Library, Dublin

“The facsimile is truly a pleasure to handle. It has been superbly reproduced and is indeed worthy of the original manuscript. One would wish that all facsimile editions could be produced in such a careful and devoted fashion.”
 - Cambridge University Library, England

“The Bible is truly a magnificent labour of love. It looks, feels (and even smells) wonderful.”
 - Private collector (R&J S), New York, USA

“You have succeeded in attracting the foremost scholars in the various disciplines and the result is a collection of truly important essays elucidating the various aspects of the Miscellany.”
 - Goethe Institute, Tel-Aviv, Israel

“The facsimile... is a real work of art, being almost identical to the original. The Kennicott Bible is an extremely interesting specimen of Jewish art, rich in illuminations of great variety, including many carpet pages, wonderfully decorated arches and biblical miniatures, all of which are marvellous examples of Jewish art in Spain of that period...”
 - The Tel-Aviv Museum, Israel

“The reproduction is indeed perfect.”
 - The Jewish National & University Library, Jerusalem, Israel

“You have certainly set the standard for facsimile reproduction in this age, and never was a publisher more aptly named.”
 - Private collector (AK) New York, USA

“... has just received his copy of the Rothschild facsimile... and is so pleased that he would now like to order another copy to give as a gift.”
 - Private collector (BG), Montreal, Canada

“We are delighted indeed to have a copy of this exquisite facsimile - in our opinion one of the most beautiful facsimiles ever published - in our holdings, which are greatly enhanced by this addition.”
 - The Jewish National & University Library, Jerusalem, Israel

“I just want to tell you how very excited we are with this truly magnificent edition. Its reproductions are absolutely superb, and the scholarly articles meet the highest standards. It will be exhibited very soon in our museum.”
 - Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

“...if the Falters never did anything else in life they would still have made a more remarkable contribution than many.”
 - Dr David Patterson, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, England

“This new facsimile will make it possible for lovers and patrons of Jewish art to have in their possession an object at once of beauty and of historic value. It would certainly be a wonderful acquisition by Synagogues and a tremendous object lesson for future generations.”
 - Federation of Synagogues of South Africa, Johannesburg

“You have done an outstanding job creating this work of art, with its closeness to the original and its exquisite workmanship...”
 - The Tel-Aviv Museum, Israel

“ is evident that the facsimile reproduction of the Kennicott Bible will prove to be a most coveted treasure, both as a piece of exquisite classic art and as a superb sample of modern workmanship.”
 - Lord Jakobovits, London, England

“...congratulations to you both for your tremendous achievement. You have accomplished something of prime importance, and all of us who are concerned with Jewish scholarship are deeply in your debt. I trust that this splendid facsimile will be the first of a long and distinguished line.”
 - Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies, England

“The facsimile is not only a tribute to your foresight and energy but is a remarkable achievement by the craftsmen who have produced it. Everyone who visits our home now gives me the opportunity of taking it out and it has been universally praised.”
 - Private collector (PS), London, England

“...the Rothschild manuscript... is wonderfully reproduced and we will cherish it in our family as an heirloom. Thank you for preserving such incunabulae with such excellence of workmanship.”
 - Private collector (EM), Oxford, England

“We have been greatly impressed by your publication of the Kennicott Bible.”
 - The Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York, USA

“I am deeply impressed by the stunning beauty and the perfect reproduction, which makes one feel as if one is looking at the originals.”
 - Private collector (PG), Munich, Germany

“Your book, ours now, has found his home. I appreciate your prompt response and the care for the delivery. Mostly, I wish to thank you for the exceptional work. Be sure that this book will be in good hands and cherished as a treasure.”
 - Private collector (LM), Montreal, Canada

“Just thought I'd let you know that your books arrived safely. We gave them to our friends over the weekend and they were (not surprisingly) absolutely delighted. I had chance to have a closer look at them myself and they are truly beautiful. Very many thanks. I am delighted to have found such a terrific wedding present. The books surpass my highest hopes when I began looking on the internet.”
 - Dr AS, Consultant in Intensive Care, London

“You and Linda have done a remarkable job – I don’t know of any other endeavour in the Jewish book world that can even approach the scope and quality of your accomplishments.”
 - Private collector (AJK), New York, USA

“WOW! The books are fantastic. I’m overwhelmed with how realistic the pages are. Also very pleased with the calligraphy dedications. I was all but dancing in the living room. Can’t wait to read the commentaries and study each volume. Heck, even the packing was impressive.
Thank you for your high standards. Wonderful.”
 - Private Collector (LB), Virginia, USA