John Trever set up his “studio” in the basement of the American School of Oriental Research in East Jerusalem on 21 February 1948. He first photographed the scrolls in black and white, using Panchromatic film which was all that he could find but rephotographed them between 6 and 11 March 1948 with sheets of Ansco colour negative film. The camera used was a Kodak “Medalist II” equipped with an Ektar f/3.5, 100mm coated lens and ground glass back for use with 6.5 x 9cm cut-film holders. The exposures were made at f/14-f/16. As Trever was using artificial light (two tungsten photoflood lamps with a colour temperature of 3400° Kelvin), he had to correct his exposures by means of a blue filter over the lens to compensate for his film which was manufactured for use in daylight conditions.
Image © John C. Trever PhD; digital image by James E. Trever.