Miniature 1

Don Luis de Guzmán sits on the left in a cathedral and hands a letter addressed to 'Rrabi Mose' to one of the three squires standing to the right. The Grand Master raises his right forefinger to alert the squire who holds the letter. A falcon perches on his other hand. The four figures bear the red cross of the Order of Calatrava on their shoulders. The caption to the miniature reads: 'figura del señor maestre que mando fazer la Biblia' (Old Spanish: "picture of the lord master who ordered the production of the bible").

Miniature 2

Moses Arragel sits between Brother Arias de Ençinas, Father Superior of the Monastery of Saint Francis of Toledo, to the right, and Don Vasco de Guzmán, Archdeacon of Toledo, to the left, with his back turned to the reader. Their forefingers are raised in instruction while he points towards them, discussing the work he is to compose. The Franciscan wears a doctoral hat and the brown habit of his order. The Dominican wears a black cope and holds his doctoral hat in his hand.