Since its foundation in 1981, Facsimile Editions has become world-renowned for reproducing ancient manuscripts with unparalleled accuracy, careful scholarship and meticulous attention to detail. You are invited to browse these pages and discover these exquisite images, some of which were created by scribes and artists over 700 years ago. Find out more about Facsimile Editions...

Our books

Our facsimiles are widely regarded as some of the finest ever to have been produced. Our first facsimile, the Kennicott Bible, was greeted with critical acclaim and upon its completion the Bodleian Library was moved to write: “We know of no way in which [Facsimile Editions] could have done more to seek out all that is finest in contemporary craftsmanship in order to reproduce as nearly exactly as possible the colours of the miniatures in the original manuscript and the quality and texture of all the materials used therein.” - view the full letter.

How we do it

Take a look at our short videos to see how we make our books and achieve the highest possible standards in the art of facsimile production.