The North French Miscellany

Letter from the British Library - 5th March 2004

Dear Linda and Michael,

Last Monday David Way and I opened the box containing the facsimile of the North French Miscellany. Unwrapping the beautiful blue packaging was done with the greatest anticipation and excitement. We were immediately struck by the quality and standard of your work and most impressed at seeing how faithfully and beautifully everything has been replicated.

The palette of colours, the choice of paper that emulates the colour and texture of vellum, the stain marks and fingerprints left in the book, the ink and pigment smudges, the marbled paper on the boards, the gold applied so carefully to the miniatures, are just some of the many delightful features that strike one with every turn of the page.

I also very much admired the ageing effect on the matt leather covers, particularly along the spine, and the delicate erosion of the gold motifs on the boards. David Way said that the ageing effect was probably one of the hardest things to achieve and you have certainly managed that to perfection.

The beautifully crafted and attractively bound accompanying volume is a very important addition. I truly liked the pale creamy colour of the leather binding. An elegant choice indeed! Placing black and white illustrations as dividers between the various research papers has created a very aesthetic effect.

The slip cases too should not go unmentioned for they are attractive, solid and well designed. I particularly liked the brown leather trimmings and the rounded inside block matching the contours of the main volume.

The facsimile is in itself a priceless treasure and I have no doubt whatsoever that its fortunate owners and future library researchers would marvel at its beauty.

Please accept my warmest congratulations on the successful completion of a gigantic and challenging project!!!

We look forward to receiving the remaining two copies to add to the library's collection.

With very best wishes
Ilana Tahan
Hebraica Curator